Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Day 1: Sunday, 4 September 2011
Lectures by Frater Shiva X?,
O.T.O. Australia Grand Master

Location: See below.
Lecture 1: 10:00-12:00:
"Aspiring to the Holy Order"
Lecture 2: 13:30-15:30:
"Under the Shadow of the Wings"

The Gnostic Mass
Presented by Nihil Lodge O.T.O., Tokyo

Date: Sunday, 4 September 2011
Time: 17:30 - 19:00
Location: See below

Day 2: Monday, 5 September 2011
Lectures by J. Daniel Gunther, Author of "Initiation in the Aeon of the Child"
Location: See below.
Lecture 1: 10:30-12:00:
"No Name Among Men"
Lecture 2: 13:30-15:00:
"Mend Me This Shoe"
Lecture 3:15:30-17:00:
"Right Perspective on Initiation"

Date: Monday, 5 September 2011
Time: 18:30
Cost: 5,000 yen per person
Location: Thai Food Silom Soi 9
(Inside the "Pedi Shiodome" business/shopping center,
3 mins walk from Tokyo Metro Shiodome Station,
on the Oedo Line)

Day 3: Tuesday, 6 September 2011
Lectures by J. Daniel Gunther, Author of "Initiation in the Aeon of the Child"
Location: See below.
Lecture 1:10:30-12:00:
"Doctrine of the Messiah in the New Aeon"
Lecture 2:13:30-15:00:
"Self Beyond Self"
Lecture 3:15:30-17:00:
"Blood in the Cup of Babalon"


Location of Lectures & Gnostic Mass:
1) 4 September: Lectures by Frater Shiva & Gnostic Mass:
  Fukusawa Building, Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Kita-Aoyama 2-11-12

2) 5,6 September: Lectures by J. Daniel Gunther:
  Hamamatsucho, Tokyo (Hamamatsucho Station, Yamanote Line):
  Meet at North Exit of Hamamatsucho Station at 09:30.
See Google Map here.

$333 USD for all 3 days. $130 USD per single day.
($130 USD for 1 day, $260 USD for 2 days, $333 USD for 3 days.)

Payment may be made by PayPal to: - Please include your full name and email address in the text box provided in the PayPal interface when you pay, so that we are sure to record the payment correctly.

Many people coming from overseas have asked about accommodation. Some accommodation and Tokyo Metro transportation information has been uploaded to the Nihil Lodge blog. Also have a look at this Google link to see what you can find. Sakura House is rumoured to be a good option. If you are a local resident and are able to offer floor or sofa space to visitors from abroad, please contact the O.T.O. Japan Secretary and we'll work to coordinate.

Book Signing:
During the event, there will be a book signing with J. Daniel Gunther. Copies of his book "Initiation in the Aeon of the Child" will be available for purchase.

Mailing List:
To be added to the mailing list for this event, please send an email to with the word "Subscribe" in the subject field.

This is the most up to date information that we have at this time. More emails will be sent out periodically to update you as more of the details fall into place as planning progresses. Thank you for your patience.

Love is the law, love under will.

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